I'm a bit early for 11:11, but oh well.  I am here to pimp a fantastic book that I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of through Penguin's Teen Talk program.  There will be link spam and videos!

Here, the author talking about the ship-contained world of her book:

Here, the book trailer:

Here is the book's official facebook page.  There's a nifty map of the ship, a community link, more book information, etc!
Here is the official website.
Here are the author, Beth Revis', website, blog and twitter.
Here are Penguin Teen's website, twitter and facebook fan page.
io9 will be posting a 111 page excerpt at 11:11 am that will only be online through 11:11pm today!  This is an io9 exclusive.  All times are Eastern (or GMT -5).

And there you go.  Enjoy!



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