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( Oct. 22nd, 2009 03:15 pm)
First things first, before I forget!

Halloweenie reviews part one. )

There, that's done.
The oddities of HTML and formatting boggle me sometimes, but it all looks right from here, as I can tell.  And, I am having a momentary inferiority complex as my reviews are rather blah and boring when compared to the friends who got me into this with their writing of gorgeousness and all.  Oh, well, they get the point across sufficiently.

And thus, onward!

Stress is . . . somewhat alleviated.  I mean, it's still there; Jerry's still unemployed and so we're still having trouble making ends meet.  His parents are a huge help financially if not in any other way.  Morgen's settling into a routine at school (OMG FINALLY) and dealing a lot better with all the changes brought not only by being in second grade, but by being in the advanced class.  Liana's getting used to not having Morgen around and being stuck with parents who have to pay as much attention to her baby sister as to her.  And Kaelinn's getting used to . . . well, being, I guess.  Liana's the same OMG LOUD ball of perpetual motion as always; I love her to death, but I certainly don't pity her future teachers, I tell you.

The drama I at least half expected with an old friend hasn't happened, and though I'm sort of waiting for the shoe to drop, I'm far more relaxed about it.  We're not hanging out or anything, and I'm not encouraging my kids to hang out with hers (long story in its own right), but it's alright.  Or . . . I'm alright with it, though that makes me sound terribly self centered.  People I used to work with ages ago have found me on facebook - it's always strange when that happens, like when eighty gazillion people that I graduated with suddenly found me a while ago.  I owe one of Morgen's friend's moms fifteen bucks because she brought a U of M shirt back from Ann Arbor for Morgen.  Brownies are going well - I need to read the kid book chapter and activities, though I'm pretty well accquainted with the leader book section - except for the renovations being done in our meeting room and displacing us; I need to figure out what we're going to do for meetings until that's done.

NaNo is almost here!  I have an idea and have decided to use the snowflake method of outlining in hopes that I actually finish something for once, rather than writing and writing until I get bored with it, and losing interest somewhere along the way.  It's a pretty exciting prospect, that, and I kind of can't wait.

But now, it's time to go pick up Morgen from school.  I'll try to remember to update more often!
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( Aug. 7th, 2009 10:43 am)
For those of you who don't know yet, Kaelinn Irene was born on 30th July; she's home and we're all healthy and well, though migraines/headaches are back in force now that I'm not pregnant any more. I wonder why it happens that way? Even with the blood pressure issues, I've never gotten headaches/migraines when preggers the way I do when I'm not, which doesn't make sense since my blood pressure is usually at the low end of normal, at least the bottom number.  Ah well, I suppose it'll all work itself out.  And in the meantime, I now have three beautiful little girls.  And a mess of a house to clean by myself despite the husband who's off of work for two weeks to 'help' with things, but that's neither here nor there and I'm not in the mood to complain about it right now.

Park madness is done!  Or, well, it will be in an hour, and I'm home missing the last day of it because the baby decided she needed to eat when it was time to go - yay babies and their timing, only not really because I kind of wanted to go today.  Ah, well.  When the kids are done, they and Jerry will come pick me up and it's off to pay rent and grocery shop, because that's about all we can afford this paycheck, given lots of other things.  Ugh.  (I will be getting the three bottles of perfume I've been dying for, I think, though I'm currently too broke to join in on the decant circle I reference below.  Alas!  But there will be no other luxuries during this two week span because Morgen needs new glasses for school and we need to eat and . . . well, I already mentioned rent.)  I can't tell you how terribly tired I am of having to pick and choose . . . but then I feel like an asshole when I think about it, because at least I get to pick and choose.  It's not like there's no fun and nice things anywhere - it's just that I can't have all the ones I want, all the time.  And being the gratification - both instant and otherwise - junkie I am, it kills me.  At least this way we'll have a bit of money for PPD on Saturday.

Next week I have a Girl Scout training thing - I'm supposed to have two, but I've only gotten confirmation about one of them and I have to skip out of the second one and go next month anyway partly because of baby and partly because of Jerry's scheduling issues.  We're missing out on his cousin's (Morgen's godfather's) kid's birthday party that afternoon too, for the same reason, and never mind that I want to strangle him for it.  Not because I'm particularly keen on going to the party or the training, mind, but because he knew these other things were going on, let me plan for them, and then said, "Oh yeah, by the way . . ."  It's not that I need everything to be planned within an inch of its life - I don't really, and I kind of hate it when things are that rigid and structured.  But when everything's overridden because of whatever takes his fancy at a given time, it pisses me off.  And sure, the kids and I could go to the party and get a ride home with the sister-in-law or the parents-in-law, but that would really suck, and only works if they aren't all going out together in the first place since seats are limited even in minivans.

I'm going to make blueberry muffins this afternoon, I've decided, only I don't have any regular sized muffin tins so they'll have to be those little bite sized things like the vegan chai muffins I made a while ago.  Which is okay.  I may get the stuff to make banana nut muffins too - I'm in a muffin-y sort of mood, apparently.  I don't even want to make cookies, just muffins.  It's odd but I want to bake and so I will.  Maybe I'll even post pictures and recipes and such when I'm done; I am a part of the Bake Bake Bake community on LJ, after all.  Ooh, and chocolate chip muffins, since I have the stuff.  I may have to comb my cupboards and see what I've got as well as combing the intarwebz for recipes.

Oh!  One of the errands to run today is to go to the post office and send my switch witch her package.  I can't wait!  I was going to bake something to put in it too, but the box is already stuffed to the gills and I don't feel like finding another, bigger one.  It will have to go as is, and I hope she likes it!

BPAL Update of Doom and my thoughts thereon. )
( Jul. 21st, 2009 01:20 pm)
Here there be bitching. )

Ahem. And, that's enough of that, I think.  The furnace guy is downstairs - or it sounds like it, anyway - inspecting furnaces and maybe fixing ours.  There's a valve or something that leaks and something that doesn't work so we were running the bloody thing on AA batteries all last winter, which doesn't strike me as particularly safe even if it was better for our gas bill than the other way around.  There's stuff in the way that I'm sure I'll get bitched at about, but they'll have to deal until I have more boxes to put said stuff in, which isn't right now.

In other, happier news, I think I have most of the stuff I need and want for my Switch Witch reveal package; it's almost all local to the metro-Detroit area, this stuff, and most of it came from the market right down the street.  I hope my witchee likes it, though she'll get at least one more thing in between now and when I send the big box.  And I can't wait to find out who my witch is!  S/he's mostly ninja-ing it, but I've gotten a couple ecards from her/him, the latest of which reminds me to not buy stuff for myself that s/he might get for me, heh.  Which is a good reminder, except for the broke and pretty much everything this paycheck going to bills and last minute baby stuff; we still need our stroller and carseat, though that's the only big thing.  I really wish we could afford one of the OMG awesome baby joggers they have at Moosejaw (the BOB kind that are built like trailers for biking/hiking camping trips and by a company that did those before strollers), but I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to make do with something lesser, especially since I'm not a runner (though I'd like to start jogging again).  We need to get a couple weeks' worth of baby outfits in unisex colors since we don't know the gender, and the weather here's been crazy which will make that a difficult prospect; it's been really mild, for the most part, and more days have bordered on cool/cold than have been hot.

My cards for the handmade card swap are way late (though I PMed the person I'm sending them to to let her know, at least) because I made the first paper way too thick and it didn't dry, though I like this set better anyway - I hope she likes them too.  The Altoid tin project is proving more difficult than I thought too, though I suspect that's mostly because of my latent perfectionism and lack of recent experience with things crafty, but at least that isn't late.  I'm thinking about taking up some of my old woodworking stuff again to make another box or three for my perfumes and things, as they keep stacking up with nowhere to put them, though I'm spoiled by the box my witch from the shotgun round sent me - so pretty, and I don't have the patience to make things so well, I don't think.  Though goodness knows, I know enough people who do woodworking, and really well at that, so who knows?

Huzzah, my landlady is finally gone and thus I can stop hiding; I get way more done when she isn't here than when she is, just because I don't want to deal with talking to her if I don't have to.  I'm tired of the recriminations and being told that I have to do this and I must do that.  I know what I have to do, and how my house should be kept, thank you very much.
These will be updated as I remember to check Scotchgrrl's list and answer them, though I'll also answer the ones that catch my eye on the BPAL forums.  Read only if you're interested in finding out about a bunch of random things I'm interested in.  =D

Pay no attention to the (wo)man behind the curtain. )
First, there's this because [personal profile] upstart_crow is a great writer and hey!  Who doesn't need more poetry in their lives?

Then, there's . . . not a lot more, really.  It's June, which means July (yay, Harry Potter!) isn't far away and August (yay, baby!) isn't far after that.  I'm 30 now (thanks, [personal profile] ouri, for the birthday wishes if I didn't say already!) and my husband threw me an awesome surprise party even if he did still spend way too much on his Toronto trip for the weekend.  I have lots of new pretty-shiny-smellies, which makes me happy, and will be spending (too much) more on them this weekend, after bills and rent are paid.  And after I have Sims 3 and a new graphics card, but that's neither here nor there.  I'm working on a 'Made in Michigan' package for whoever I get for the summer Switch Witch round, and the vast majority of it so far was made less than a hundred miles from my house.  Someone in England is combing used bookstores for British editions of the Harry Potter books for me.  The mini-me is seven and reading Island of the Blue Dolphins.  All in all, life is pretty good.

I hope everything's well for everyone else, too!  I'm sending good thoughts and what energy I can (though I've never been much good at energy work) to those of you I know need it.  I love you all.  =D


( May. 16th, 2009 08:01 am)
.....sometimes, I really do wish I had a death ray. It's only 8am, you see, which is actually fairly late in my world - but my sleep was fitful all night, and then at about five, was disrupted entirely by a hyperactive four year old who doesn't know the difference between indoor and outdoor voices. Said hyperactive four year old wanted to snuggle, right? Which is fine. At nap time. When she's tired. Not at 5am when she's just woken up and is full of ideas and "OMG MOMMY LET'S PLAY" and all I want to do is find a position in which my back, knee or both aren't killing me so I can go back to sleep. So, yeah, not a happy morning, at least thus far, although the smell of cooking bacon is doing wonders to help with that.

I've decided that I'm going to try a salsa garden this summer - I kill plants as a general rule, but I'm hoping that's only if they're inside my house. If I buy little plants, put them in the ground outside, feed them and water them they'll grow, right? We have a basil plant that Morgen got from Daisies this year, so that's a start. I'll need a few more of those, some cilantro, bunches of tomatoes, different kinds of peppers and so forth. I might look up how hard it is to grow onions in Michigan too, just because it would be cool to have most of the stuff in my salsa come from my back yard. We're going to start this project either next weekend or in two weeks, I think - or maybe Sunday if Jerry isn't too busy helping his pal move (again). There's a store close by that has really cheap herbs and veggies right now, plant-wise - or, well, probably not all that cheap, but buy two get one free certainly helps.

Today's the Ann Arbor book fair, so we'll be off for that in a few hours; I have to go to the knitting store to get the rest of my switch witch's present (and possibly some stuff for myself, depending) so I can send it out either today or Monday, and we have to get my nephew's birthday present (which we'll probably do at the book fair, honestly, and grab an outfit at Target or something on our way back to be late for the party). I put in the BPAL order last night, so there's happiness there, too!

Oh, and I forgot to say after the whole drama about it, no gestational diabetes, yay! No overly high blood pressure yet either, so that's another bonus.

There's less than a month of school left for Morgen and she's already done with Daisies for the year - it's hard to believe that next year she'll be a Brownie, in the advanced class and so forth. And this summer, she'll spend a lot of time swimming, diving and playing tennis - park madness isn't so far off, gods help us all. I wonder if I'll really have a car by then and if not, how it'll work as long bike rides aren't exactly recommended for pregnant women, particularly not in the third trimester. It's not like our little family is the one that the in-laws drop everything for. Anyway, it'll be interesting!

My 30th birthday is coming up and I'm feeling more blah about it every day. Jerry's going to be out of town at least Friday night and until the wee hours of Sunday morning which pretty much destroys the chances of doing anything for it. I wanted to have a decent sized party-picnic thing at the park, during which people could swim if they wanted, there would be lots of food, music would play and so forth, but it seems that's not going to work out. I guess it'll go like the rest of my birthdays, which is to say it'll go like pretty much any other day, only with a lot of people calling to say happy birthday.  It would be even cooler with a right of passage thing like [personal profile] catvalente talked about having for both her birthday and her boy's, but . . . well.  I live in WASPy suburbs, and blood rites are hard to come by, here.  Ah, well - these things happen, I suppose.  And maybe there'll still be a big picnic-thing in the park, it just won't happen around my birthday, I guess.  Le sigh.  And yes, I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but!  One only turns 30 once, after all.




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