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( Jun. 29th, 2010 07:26 pm)
So, I don't often talk about politics, not really - I talk about politics over glasses of wine and cheese and crackers and similar things, like the middle class intellectual I am. This is a lot the way I talk about religion, or philosophy, or literature, or a great many things; most of the time, I'm not educated enough on the matter to voice an opinion. But sometimes, I come across things - or am sent them, that make me go into rage filled rants. Today was one of those times; I was sent a Code Pink video that irritated me so badly I couldn't stop yelling (in all caps) about it for a good ten minutes or more. (And don't even get me started on the rage induced by the results of a google search to find out more, particularly the image portion and some of the slogans involved.)

For those of you who don't click on random youtube links, that video is of a Hummer being buried as a part of the Heidelberg Project  in downtown Detroit, after being painted pink and turned into a glorified, eventually (possibly currently) poisonous, planter in celebration of the end of production as a civilian vehicle, at least (possibly military as well - I didn't research that end of this).  With it were painted several tires, I assume of the variety that would fit said Hummer, presumably to . . . I don't know, keep the ton or so of metal and paint from sinking any further than they want it to?  Though I would think weight would cause it to do so eventually, anyway.  This was, as I said, a celebration - complete with poetry readings and singing and dancing and goodness knows what else.

For the record, I'm not completely against the Heidelberg Project, nor am I against strange things being turned into planters and half buried, or fish tanks, or whatever.  I actually like things being repurposed and turned into art - that's not the part of this that bothers me.  The part that bothers me is that for years, this organization has been complaining about the Hummer and its low gas mileage and barely passed emissions standards and goodness only knows what other environmental impact . . . only to do this.  Which is stupid.  And certainly not environmentally healthy.

This, folks, is from the same people who carry banners proclaiming their support of the murder of American troops, who argue that freedom of speech is not a right that belongs to the military, and other, equally nonsensical and irksome things.  I know people who are proud to be members of this, to support this, who bombard me with links and ask me why I'm not and don't - who imply that I'm a bad feminist-environmentalist (I am not a pacifist, not completely, so I'm not even including it) because I don't believe in this sort of terrorism.  Because to me, that's what it is - it's akin to PETA and other animal rights groups destroying personal property in the name of their cause.  It's no different than the Greenpeace members who drove large nails into trees where saws would hit, not only damaging the trees they were trying to protect but also killing or dismembering the loggers who were simply doing their jobs.


And in other news, my good friend's brother was harassed multiple times at work today, called a terrorist.  Fuck you, ignorant people.  That's about all I have to say.




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