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( Feb. 16th, 2010 08:17 am)
I haven't written poetry consistently in a long time, and recently I wrote a gaming moodpost in free verse. So, my interest has been revived! Only instead of bleeding my angst onto the page (or screen, or . . . whatever [for yoooooooooouuuuuuuuu]), I'm going to be productive and practice various forms of poetry. I like this - I thought of starting with sonnet, as that's the form with which I'm most familiar, but then didn't feel like deciding which kind, and whether to use iambic pentameter or some other structure. So here, I give you my first ever attempt at a sestina, as improper as it is. You will find no iambic pentameter here, alas, though when I revisit this form over the next couple weeks, that may change. My six words, chosen at random from my really awesome Brewer's, are peddler, hearth, Beltane, sheep, tumbler and earth.
A difficult spot to get out of )

Musings: I really kind of hate this form, but it could just be the repetition without the constraints of proper meter. Also, the last tercet is awful. I'll keep working with this form, though, for the next couple of weeks.

In other news, my living room is again full of girl scout cookies, though it's thankfully not nearly as many as last year. I'm not the cookie mom, so I'm not in charge of everyone else's stuff! I just have to deliver my cookies and collect for them and make all the various deposits, which is awesome. I also need to figure out wtf happened with the money from the nut sale, because that shit's complicated as hell. Next year, I've decided we're going to do nuts and not magazines, or that if we do do magazines, it'll be through the online stuff because that way, it's all figured out by the site's algorithms or formulae or whatever and I don't have to sit here figuring out how much we keep and how much we send away and what gets send where. There has to be a more efficient meatspace way of handling that, though I have no idea what it would be. It was just a huge pain in the ass all the way 'round. Other than that, the troop is going pretty well - I both love and hate this time of year, where it starts seeming like the kids are out of school more than in. Yesterday should have been a meeting, would have been if it weren't for this week being midwinter break. In a month and a half, maybe two months, we have spring break. Not to mention conferences and all the various other days off of school here and there. But it's okay, because it's still less of a pain than the summer, with constant park madness and all. We've been missing piano this year because of lack of funds, but we've still been crazy busy with the extra homework that goes along with being in the advanced class and all. Liana just turned five at the beginning of the month, and can't wait for kindergarten to start, so it's crazy and exciting and busy here, as always.


And . . . that's about it, really.  Whee.

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( Feb. 15th, 2010 09:44 am)
I?  Am an RPer.  I have been for a long time, though I resisted it for quite some time before that.  I've had a lot of characters, mostly online, some TT.  A lot of them have died in play, or I've gotten bored with them or whatever, but some have seriously been favorites.  Some pop into my head at random times, reacting to random things (or the portion of my brain dedicated to a given character is sparked into life, or . . . whatever, however it works).  My favorite favorites cling for a long time - for months, years after I stop playing them, things, places and situations make me think of the character.  And it's like an old friend popping up and saying hello, putting in two cents about something, and then going away.  I know they'll come back, they always do.

Until they die for real, and they don't come back any more.  This is the case for my two favorite TT characters ever - sure, they were part of a game set here, so I see landmarks that make me smile fondly, but their parts of my brain don't spark to life and wave at this.  It's the case with quite a few online characters.  Collette, Reagan, Enid (the Fianna, not the Hermetic), Elizabeth, Mac, Betsy, Britt, Ava - none of them pop into my head any more.  I get a nostalgic smile when the times and places related to them come up in conversation with other people who were around then, but that's it.

All this is to say, I think my most recent crop of favorite favorites is going too.  I haven't thought of Gregory or Rhia in ages, other than to go, "Huh, I haven't thought of Gregory or Rhia in ages."  Alas!  I think the former may well have been in my top three for quite some time, and the latter in my top five.  It may be time to make some new favorites.





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