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( Jan. 6th, 2012 02:27 pm)
 I always feel as if saying it's time to let go (of anything, regardless of what it is) in any public forum (as the internet is) is akin to storming off in a huff, or to taking my toys and going home.  There are so few people who know what I'm talking about, and all of them follow me in all of those forums (except maybe Tumblr, but all I really use that for is reblogging stuff I think is cool or funny or whatever) and may or may not take it as a passive aggressive stab at them when it's not really anything but trying to do what makes most sense and is most healthy for me.  It takes more than a bit of energy to hold onto a thing, after all, particularly when one is being told "Oh, there's this, but maybe next time" with a startling regularity followed by long stretches of not a word.  This is no one's fault, obviously - I mean, issues and troubles abound everywhere I look and the people (because there's more than one, naturally) on the other end are generally in very different time zones than I.

At least one thing never started and the other seems to have pretty much come to an end, right?  So no harm, no foul.  Given that I don't have the time required to start up on a site again?  I'd guess this navel gazing has as much to do with the hobby in general as anything else.  Maybe it's time to find something new.




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