( Jul. 21st, 2009 01:20 pm)
Here there be bitching. )

Ahem. And, that's enough of that, I think.  The furnace guy is downstairs - or it sounds like it, anyway - inspecting furnaces and maybe fixing ours.  There's a valve or something that leaks and something that doesn't work so we were running the bloody thing on AA batteries all last winter, which doesn't strike me as particularly safe even if it was better for our gas bill than the other way around.  There's stuff in the way that I'm sure I'll get bitched at about, but they'll have to deal until I have more boxes to put said stuff in, which isn't right now.

In other, happier news, I think I have most of the stuff I need and want for my Switch Witch reveal package; it's almost all local to the metro-Detroit area, this stuff, and most of it came from the market right down the street.  I hope my witchee likes it, though she'll get at least one more thing in between now and when I send the big box.  And I can't wait to find out who my witch is!  S/he's mostly ninja-ing it, but I've gotten a couple ecards from her/him, the latest of which reminds me to not buy stuff for myself that s/he might get for me, heh.  Which is a good reminder, except for the broke and pretty much everything this paycheck going to bills and last minute baby stuff; we still need our stroller and carseat, though that's the only big thing.  I really wish we could afford one of the OMG awesome baby joggers they have at Moosejaw (the BOB kind that are built like trailers for biking/hiking camping trips and by a company that did those before strollers), but I'm thinking I'm probably going to have to make do with something lesser, especially since I'm not a runner (though I'd like to start jogging again).  We need to get a couple weeks' worth of baby outfits in unisex colors since we don't know the gender, and the weather here's been crazy which will make that a difficult prospect; it's been really mild, for the most part, and more days have bordered on cool/cold than have been hot.

My cards for the handmade card swap are way late (though I PMed the person I'm sending them to to let her know, at least) because I made the first paper way too thick and it didn't dry, though I like this set better anyway - I hope she likes them too.  The Altoid tin project is proving more difficult than I thought too, though I suspect that's mostly because of my latent perfectionism and lack of recent experience with things crafty, but at least that isn't late.  I'm thinking about taking up some of my old woodworking stuff again to make another box or three for my perfumes and things, as they keep stacking up with nowhere to put them, though I'm spoiled by the box my witch from the shotgun round sent me - so pretty, and I don't have the patience to make things so well, I don't think.  Though goodness knows, I know enough people who do woodworking, and really well at that, so who knows?

Huzzah, my landlady is finally gone and thus I can stop hiding; I get way more done when she isn't here than when she is, just because I don't want to deal with talking to her if I don't have to.  I'm tired of the recriminations and being told that I have to do this and I must do that.  I know what I have to do, and how my house should be kept, thank you very much.
( May. 28th, 2009 12:23 pm)
Apparently, I'm irresponsible because I didn't confirm or deny something that wasn't really a solid plan to begin with until my brother asked me about it - interesting.  Also, I'm still the devil which is pretty amusing, given what my other siblings (mostly my sisters, to be fair, though my brother's the one who still lives there) get up to and that I'm quickly approaching thirty, married with two children and one impending, countless volunteer hours logged at the school and goodness knows what else.  For the record, I was taken to get my work permit on my sixteenth birthday and started filling out applications and scheduling interviews the next day.  I started my second job the Monday after I graduated high school.  Rent started with my first paycheck - yep, that's right, when I was sixteen and still a minor in my parents' household.  Still on their taxes and insurance and all that, still in high school.  None of which truly bothers me any more - oh, it bothered me a lot when I was younger, but that was a long time ago.  I mean, I graduated over a decade ago.  But still, given the circumstances, it would be nice if people WEREN'T ALLOWED TO TALK SHIT about me.  Especially to people who might actually listen.  Especially my freaking mother.

And never mind, of course, the part where something I paid her for that was supposed to be done by the end of April still isn't done.  I'm irresponsible.

Ahem.  Anyway.

Pink eye appears to be making its way through my house - here's hoping Morgen and I don't get it, because we're both crazy allergic to most antibiotics - like, I get an itchy rash if amoxicillin so much as touches my skin.  Jerry and Liana are fine, can take 'cillins or 'sporins or whatever's necessary to get rid of it, but Morgen and I are different cases entirely.  I'm not looking forward to the possibility of having to play with some experimental drug when I'm pregnant . . . or, well, heh.  Maybe I am, a bit.  The Girl With the Silver Eyes, anyone?  I loved that book when I was a kid.  However, nasty allergic reactions aren't fun under the best of circumstances, so I'm imagining that pregnancy would make them quite a bit less so.  Regardless, I need to see if I can make a pediatrician appointment for Liana tomorrow morning cos that's when my appointment is and if Jerry doesn't take the day off because his eye is goopy, itchy and otherwise nasty it'll be a lot easier to get her in then than waiting unti sometime later in the day and having to deal with my in-laws.  Not having a car sucks mightily, I tell you.  And it's going to get worse over the summer - ugh.




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