Dating this for yesterday anyway.

30 days )

Day 3: Favorite Television Program
I have a love/hate relationship with TV.  There are shows I like, of course, but then there's all the bother that goes along with them.

The commercials that are twice as loud, and nearly as long, as the show in question.
The product placement that makes the show itself a commercial.
The insistence on 'perfection' that winds up with everyone looking the same.

That said!  My current favorite show is probably a tossup between Glee!, Castle and Chuck.  I love all three for different reasons (though sometimes I hate on Glee!'s musical choices, and I always hate on the overly liberal use of autotune), and they're ones I'll actually watch without necessarily needing to be reminded they're on.  My ALL TIME FAVORITE show, though, is probably Doctor Who - for the memories attached to it, for having seen all the Doctors, for knowing that the Ecclestone season was in no way season one.  And that's without the geekiness thrown in.




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