( May. 16th, 2009 08:01 am)
.....sometimes, I really do wish I had a death ray. It's only 8am, you see, which is actually fairly late in my world - but my sleep was fitful all night, and then at about five, was disrupted entirely by a hyperactive four year old who doesn't know the difference between indoor and outdoor voices. Said hyperactive four year old wanted to snuggle, right? Which is fine. At nap time. When she's tired. Not at 5am when she's just woken up and is full of ideas and "OMG MOMMY LET'S PLAY" and all I want to do is find a position in which my back, knee or both aren't killing me so I can go back to sleep. So, yeah, not a happy morning, at least thus far, although the smell of cooking bacon is doing wonders to help with that.

I've decided that I'm going to try a salsa garden this summer - I kill plants as a general rule, but I'm hoping that's only if they're inside my house. If I buy little plants, put them in the ground outside, feed them and water them they'll grow, right? We have a basil plant that Morgen got from Daisies this year, so that's a start. I'll need a few more of those, some cilantro, bunches of tomatoes, different kinds of peppers and so forth. I might look up how hard it is to grow onions in Michigan too, just because it would be cool to have most of the stuff in my salsa come from my back yard. We're going to start this project either next weekend or in two weeks, I think - or maybe Sunday if Jerry isn't too busy helping his pal move (again). There's a store close by that has really cheap herbs and veggies right now, plant-wise - or, well, probably not all that cheap, but buy two get one free certainly helps.

Today's the Ann Arbor book fair, so we'll be off for that in a few hours; I have to go to the knitting store to get the rest of my switch witch's present (and possibly some stuff for myself, depending) so I can send it out either today or Monday, and we have to get my nephew's birthday present (which we'll probably do at the book fair, honestly, and grab an outfit at Target or something on our way back to be late for the party). I put in the BPAL order last night, so there's happiness there, too!

Oh, and I forgot to say after the whole drama about it, no gestational diabetes, yay! No overly high blood pressure yet either, so that's another bonus.

There's less than a month of school left for Morgen and she's already done with Daisies for the year - it's hard to believe that next year she'll be a Brownie, in the advanced class and so forth. And this summer, she'll spend a lot of time swimming, diving and playing tennis - park madness isn't so far off, gods help us all. I wonder if I'll really have a car by then and if not, how it'll work as long bike rides aren't exactly recommended for pregnant women, particularly not in the third trimester. It's not like our little family is the one that the in-laws drop everything for. Anyway, it'll be interesting!

My 30th birthday is coming up and I'm feeling more blah about it every day. Jerry's going to be out of town at least Friday night and until the wee hours of Sunday morning which pretty much destroys the chances of doing anything for it. I wanted to have a decent sized party-picnic thing at the park, during which people could swim if they wanted, there would be lots of food, music would play and so forth, but it seems that's not going to work out. I guess it'll go like the rest of my birthdays, which is to say it'll go like pretty much any other day, only with a lot of people calling to say happy birthday.  It would be even cooler with a right of passage thing like [personal profile] catvalente talked about having for both her birthday and her boy's, but . . . well.  I live in WASPy suburbs, and blood rites are hard to come by, here.  Ah, well - these things happen, I suppose.  And maybe there'll still be a big picnic-thing in the park, it just won't happen around my birthday, I guess.  Le sigh.  And yes, I know I sound like a spoiled brat, but!  One only turns 30 once, after all.




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